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Yoga For Youth

 Yoga is a great way for children to improve focus and become more disciplined. Whether it's an after school practice or a leisurely weekend routine, a consistent practice of yoga and meditation will gradually improve a child's ability to highly perform in all areas of life from academics to maintaining responsibilities at home.   

Workshops For Women

 In a comforted and nonjudgmental space,  women come together with other like-minded women on a similar path of self healing and spiritual growth to cultivate compassion, self-love, self-acceptance, and forgiveness by way of confessional, physical, and meditative exercises.  

Be Mindfit Meditation

 Meditation has many proven benefits on our emotional, physical, and mental health. Meditation heals the mind thus creating a shift in consciousness. This shift increases our capacity to become limitless beings with limitless potential to live our divine purpose. With a regular meditation practice we become more rooted in our being allowing us more clarity of mind to the most physical and emotionally complex areas of our lives.